[Video] Automatic Script

Hi everyone ! This page is the support for the [video] Automatic Script

Youtube video : link

Visual ressources : link

DataSet ressources : data.iowa.gov (2019 Iowa Liquor Sales)

🍶 Open Source Dataset

The tutorial video use Liquor sales in Iowa since 2019, by store, by item and by day. Overview : This dataset contains every wholesale purchase of liquor in the State of Iowa by retailers for sale to individuals since January 1, 2012. The State of Iowa controls the wholesale distribution of liquor intended for retail sale, which means this dataset offers a complete view of retail liquor sales in the entire state. The dataset contains every wholesale order of liquor by all grocery stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, etc., with details about the store and location, the exact liquor brand and size, and the number of bottles ordered.

In addition to being an excellent dataset for analyzing liquor sales, this is a large and clean public dataset of retail sales data. It can be used to explore problems like stockout prediction, retail demand forecasting, and other retail supply chain problems.

📋 Requirements and Resources

The tutorial video needs some requirements in order to be reproduced with Tailer on a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) :

  • Own a Tailer account to use the SDK

  • Provide access to the Tailer Gservice account in your GCP project

  • Import the Iowa Liquor Sales 2019 + Products + Stores + qualified (deduplicated) datasets into your DataLake ( sign up on the data Iowa gov website )

  • SQL script file

  • DDL script file

  • Tables to Tables script file

  • Launch configuration and furthermore...

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