What is Tailer Platform?

Welcome to Tailer, an Open Source data platform dedicated to retailers.

🛫 Introduction

Retail companies need to handle ever-growing amounts of data. To do so, they require a simple, scalable and easy-to-implement solution offering instant performance at an affordable cost.

Tailer aims at helping all members of B2C companies that need to make sense of huge amounts of sales, inventory, operational, or customer data, to promote their data-driven transformation.

"Tailer" is an anagram of "Retail". As a high tech haute couture solution, it allows you to tailor your data, e-commerce, and sales predictions to your needs.

What makes Tailer special?

Easy to use, and quick to get up and running, Tailer allows you to achieve your business objectives faster.

As an Open Source solution, Tailer aims at gathering and federating a community of retail industry actors. Thanks to this, and the use of Google Cloud’s affordable resources, it has a particularly low TCO.

Easy to integrate, Tailer can be deployed in only 24h to 48h, and runs inside your own cloud environment.

Tailer is really agile, as its data flows adapt to all contexts. Being DevOps-ready, it allows you to adopt an iterative approach, and a Git branching strategy.

🛠️ Main features

Tailer offers the following features:

  • Accessing and securing data

  • Gathering and organizing data

  • Transforming and enriching data

  • Using data for analysis and predictions

👥 Who is Tailer intended for?

Data engineers

With Tailer, data engineers can take advantage of a data-centric, collaborative development environment to implement complex real-time big data workflows.

Data scientists

Data scientists can use Tailer to work directly within the company data lake without any technical restriction, and implement predictive models in one click.

Decision makers

Decision makers can take advantage of the better, quicker business insights achieved thanks to Tailer Platform to boost the data-driven transformation of their company.

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