Stream incoming data with API To Storage

Learn how to easily setup an incoming data streaming endpoint with API To Storage data operation.

📋 How to deploy an API To Storage data operation

  1. Access your tailer folder (created during installation).

  2. Create a working folder as you want, and create a JSON file for your data operation inside.

  3. Prepare your JSON configuration file. Refer to this page to learn about all the parameters.

  4. Access your working folder by running the following command:

    cd "[path to your working folder]"
  5. To deploy the data operation, run the following command:

    tailer deploy your-file.json
  6. Log in to Tailer Studio to check the status and details of your data operation.

  7. Access your output table(s), and archive folder, if any, to check the result of the data operation.

The incoming data, a base64 encoded JSON payload, MUST follow the following rules:

  • attributes names must be written in Camel or Snake case, i.e : shortDescription or short_description

  • the source attribute must be names "input_data" and should be of type "array"

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