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This page introduces the Tailer API, and its main use cases and features

What is the Tailer API?

The tailer API is a set of features intended for operations teams allowing them to control the orchestration of Tailer data pipelines, and to monitor the jobs executions.

Use cases

Here are a few use cases of the Tailer API:
  • Integrating Tailer data pipelines into larger business orchestrations
  • Implementing more complex orchestration rules, such as the ones from $U or Vtom
  • Monitoring the service quality of data pipelines and generating alerts when they don't run as planned
  • Rebooting workflows with the resetting feature, and enabling/disabling data pipelines


Here is a list of the available features:
  • Launching a job
  • Checking a job status
  • Getting the last status of a job/data operation
  • Resetting a workflow
  • Disabling a data operation
  • Enabling a data operation