Encrypt your credentials

When transferring files from one storage location to another using Tailer Platform, you need to provide credentials. A number of steps are required to encrypt them and use them safely.

🗺️ Overview

The credentials that you have at your disposal (GCP JSON private key file, Amazon S3 private key value, or SFTP password) are unencrypted. To use them safely with Tailer Platform, you first need to encrypt them using Tailer public key. This key consists of a tailer_public_key.pem file that you need to request from your Tailer Platform administrator before proceeding with this procedure.

🔑 Install the Tailer public key on your local computer

Once you have the tailer_public_key.pem file, you need to copy it to the Tailer Home directory of your local computer:

  1. First, determine where the Jarvis Home is: ◾ On macOS/Linux, run the following command in a terminal:

    echo $TAILER_HOME

    ◾ On Windows, run the following command in Command Prompt:

    echo %TAILER_HOME%
  2. Copy the tailer_public_key.pem file to the Tailer Home directory you got as a result of the previous command.

🛡️ Encrypt the credentials

Once the Tailer public key has been installed, you can encrypt your credentials.

To do so, run one of the following commands:

  • For a GCP JSON private key file:

    tailer encrypt your-credentials.json
  • For an Amazon S3 key value (do not forget the quotes):

    tailer encrypt "contents of the private key"
  • For an SFTP password (do not forget the quotes):

    tailer encrypt "password value"

You obtain a JSON output with the following format:

  "cipher_aes": "xxx",
  "tag": "xxx",
  "ciphertext": "xxx",
  "enc_session_key": "xxx"

where xxx is a base64-encoded string representation of the key value.

You can now use it in your JSON configuration files for data operations that require authentication.

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