Encrypt/Decrypt data with File Utilities

Learn how to use a File Utilities data operation to encrypt and decrypt data.

💡 What is the File Utilities data operation for data encryption/decryption?

The File Utilities data operation allows you to start a Google Compute Engine VM where you can encrypt and decrypt data using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), and then to stop the VM automatically to save resources. PGP is a popular solution providing cryptographic privacy and authentication for data communication.

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

PGP is a protocol used for encrypting, decrypting and signing messages or files using a key pair. Every PGP user has both a public and private key. A public key is the key that other people use to encrypt a message that only you can open. A private key is the key that allows you to decrypt the messages sent to you based on your public key. A public key can be shared, but a private key should never be shared.

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