Monitor data operations' status

This page explains how you can monitor and edit the status of your data operations and their executions in Tailer Studio.

🚥 Status information available

Tailer Studio allows you to monitor the status of the data operations you have deployed with Tailer Platform and of each of their executions.

Possible status for data operations

A data operation can have the following status:

  • Activated: The data operation was successfully deployed and is now processing data. Note that the deployment can take a couple minutes to complete, even if the status is already Activated. You can click on the status to toggle it to Disabled.

  • Disabled: The data operation was disabled. You can click on the status to toggle it back to Activated.

  • Not set: The first deployment of the data operation was initialized incorrectly, and it cannot be used as is. In this case, you need to update its configuration, and deploy it again.

Possible status for data operation executions

Each execution of a data operation can have the following status:

  • Success: The execution was successful.

  • Failed: The execution failed.

  • Running: The execution is still in progress.

  • No match: A file was added to a repertory watched by a data operation, but it didn't match any filename template. This status allows you to check if new templates might be required.

  • Checked: You can manually change the status of a Failed execution to Checked if you have fixed the issue.

🛂 Display or edit the status of a data operation/execution

To display/edit the status of a data operation/execution:

  1. Log in to Tailer Studio.

  2. In the left navigation panel, in the Data pipeline section, select the type of your data operation, (for example, Storage to Storage).

  3. In the right panel, access the Configurations tab for data operations or the Runs tab for executions.

  4. The list of all the deployed data operations/executions displays. You can see their status in the corresponding row. If necessary, click the status to edit it.

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